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Crown Damage

Crown Damage refers to the repairs arising from accident damage to the Strategic Road Network, which is recovered by Highways England and their contractors. As the repairs involve traffic management and a host of other support services, while the actual damage may be modest, the repair invoices are invariably large.

While the industry awaits a test case precedent on this controversial subject, many motor insurers are unaware that they have potential legal defences to these claims. Rausa Mumford has been successfully challenging the legal recoverability of Crown Damage claims since 2012, and is a foremost specialist in this field.

However, the defence of these claims is a team effort, also requiring the input of skilled loss adjusters to assess and validate the personnel and materials being supplied. As such, we have formed a strategic alliance with Claims Management & Adjusting (‘CMA’), loss adjusters who are pioneers in the defence of these claims. Rausa Mumford & CMA offer a fixed price package to insurer for defence of the claims from cradle to grave, to include advocacy at trial.

Training workshops on this subject are also available, which are delivered at the insurer’s premises.


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